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That'll Be $19.5M for This Highly Photogenic Aspen Compound

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Equal parts glassy modern, traditional ski lodge, and austerely cement-clad in an almost post-Soviet vein, this circa 1995 Aspen compound is a bit of a hot mess, architecturally speaking. But whoever designed the interior is a miracle worker; so often, when chalets go for darkly handsome and somewhat brooding they end up looking way too severe or even a bit raunchy. Could be that all the vintage fineries—which thankfully, stop just short of Anthropologie catalogue excess—pull this place out of the design limbo it was born into. Of course, the listing asserts that "every detail... was crafted from imagination and ingenuity," but anyone willing to plunk down $19.5M on this 14,000-square-foot six-bedroom head-scratcher will have to come to grips what a hodge-podge it is from the outside. Get an eyeful in the gallery below:

· 350 Eagle Park Dr [Zillow]