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Take a Trip to the Old West With Idaho's Most Expensive Listing

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Located about 35 minutes from Schweitzer Mountain, Idaho's most expensive listing might also win the prize for the most antlers we've ever seen in a house (although this Florida condo is holding its own). Six different lakefront buildings sit on over 48 acres and the whole shebang costs a whopping $36 million. In total there are 14 bedrooms and 14 baths that combine, per the listing, to create "an authentic Western Native American ambiance." We don't know how authentic it is, but the property goes overboard with the Old West motif. There are loads of amenities (an infinity pool, spa, and private marina, to name a few), but we just can't get past the overdone decor. Check out the wagon-wheeled chandeliers, Navajo print bedding, and cowboy knickknacks cluttering up every free space. Add the heavy (faux?) fur blankets and other decor would just look out of place. But hey, if antler-framed mirrors become 2014's biggest bathroom trend, you read it here first. Are we overreacting Curbediverse? Or are you just as tired of these cliched listings? Send us an email or let us know in the comments.

· 7095 Bottle Bay Rd, Sagle, ID 83860 [Sandpoint Real Estate]
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