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Industrial Former Factory Gets a New Life as a Feminine Loft

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With help from NYC-based Interior design team Home Polish, entrepreneur Marissa Vosper transformed this former textile factory in NYC into a lovely, feminine space that's retained only a few key traces of its industrial days—like 15-foot ceilings, Corinthian columns, and sky-high windows. The rest of the industrial vibe is now effectively offset by a delicate, pale color scheme and an emphasis on velvet, fur, and silk upholstery—which balances out the woods floors and metal and brick details. Like many a loft conversion, yet another challenge the team faced came from trying to make separate rooms without adding new walls or partitions. So instead, Home Polish co-founder Noa Santos created the illusion of divided rooms by using the home's largest furniture pieces—a substantial section sofa, a 12-foot-long bookcase, and a vintage dining room table—as 'invisible lines" between areas. A mix of new pieces and carefully placed antiques, including a few very enviable chandeliers, completes the look. Find a few more photos below, then head over to Casa Sugar for the full spread.

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