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How One Family of Four Decorated an Oregon Micro Cottage

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Upon finding this early 1940s cabin on Sauvie Island, Ore.—located about 15 minutes from Portland—Interior Designer Jessica Helgerson and her husband figured they'd use the 540-square-foot space as a vacation getaway. Soon after starting the renovation process, though, the pair instead opted to turn the charming cabin into their permanent home—totally refurbishing the minuscule structure in exclusively reclaimed materials like old barn siding, vintage white oak floors, and a craigslist-scored wood-burning oven. The home's only bedroom was designated to the couple's two small children, so a sleeping loft perched atop a lovely, wall to wall bookshelf serves as a makeshift master bedroom.

Thanks to a clever use nooks and crannies, the mossy-roofed home—which in the past acted as both a shipyard worker's temporary digs and a goose-hunting check station—really doesn't feel all that tiny. Storage and guest beds pull out of the built-in sofas, while Helgerson's signature mix of quirky, uncluttered decor keeps the space feeling open. Take a closer look, this way.

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