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Climb Aboard a Cruise Ship and Live There, Well, Forever

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In what sounds like the premise for either a fantasy novel or a horror movie—depending on one's tolerance for forced social interaction, bongo music, and sea sickness—this totally bonkers 644-foot-long yacht offers the opportunity to buy permanent real estate on a cruise ship that sails the around the globe. Called The World, the ship is currently the largest privately owned residential yacht on earth, with 165 residences—which residents can decorate and furnish however they'd like—varying from studio apartments all the way to six-bedroom penthouse suites.

Also on board the "floating city" is a deli and supermarket, a chapel, an art gallery, a movie theater, and more restaurants and bars than the average small town. There are also such vacation cruise staples as a pool, spa, and nightclub—and of course an attentive staff of 260. The totally sold-out ship (sorry!) first launched in 2002, and keeps the prices of each rental under wraps. The official website does reveal, though, that residents usually spend about four months out of the year sailing on board. Messy Nessy Chic has some more mind-blowing information, along with a video that makes the whole scene sound, well, just a bit like a "giant floating cult." Do have a look.

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