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Iconic Sun Valley Lodge To Get Major Upgrades, New Spa

One of America's most iconic ski hotels (and one of our 38 Essential Ski Town Hotels) will get a pricey upgrade this year when Sun Valley Resort remodels the Sun Valley Lodge. Originally constructed in 1936, the Sun Valley Lodge has long been a playground for the rich and famous (maybe it's the hot tub), and plans for refurbished guest rooms and a new 20,000 square foot spa will likely catapult the property back into the celebrity spot light. Curbed Ski has all the details on what's going to happen, and when. Our prediction? With the Holding family still running the show, we bet the new digs are going to be over the top.

Sun Valley Resort's plans call for an addition to the northerly wing of the existing structure and renovating most of the interior. Some work will begin this April, but most of the construction will take place in September 2014, when resort officials plan to close the lodge for approximately 9 months. Here are all the juicy details:

· Plans call for a three-story, 20,000-square-foot addition to house a world-class spa. The addition will be off of the northern wing of the lodge, adjacent to the outdoor swimming pool. The spa will include 15 treatment rooms, locker rooms, relaxation lounges, a yoga studio, and a fitness room, all available for local residents and resort guests.
· All of the guest rooms will be remodeled and some of the smaller rooms will be combined to create larger, more luxurious accommodations with fireplaces. The total number of rooms will decrease from 148 to around 100, but the new rooms will be able to house multiple beds and sleeper sofas for families.
· Guests can expect upgrades in the main lobby, restaurant facilities, and the small bowling alley.
· The heated outdoor pool/hot tub area will be reconstructed with a larger deck area and a poolside cafe, but the classic shape will remain the same.

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