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Disneyland's 'Surprisingly Classy' Starbucks Channels Neutra

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While Disneyland doesn't exactly inspire a ton of hope for elegant, high design restaurant options (sorry, Mickey), the newest Starbucks at the Anaheim, Calif. park made quite the effort to distinguish itself from the typical cartoon-themed fare—instead opting for space that feels like a haven for exhausted parents and their over-stimulated kids. According to Bill Sleeth, a Starbucks VP of design, the general look is meant to resemble the "quintessentially Californian Craftsman bungalow," with an emphasis on channeling the work of such mid-century starchitects as Rudolph Schindler and Richard Neutra.

After 50 rejected sketches, the final product offers a floor-to-ceiling windowed, wood paneled cafe that Fast Company pegs as "surprisingly classy." There's enough outdoor seating to accommodate 100 people, a heaping dose of coffee-related art—a Bona fide Starbucks must no matter what gimmick the rest of the decor follows—and a fairytale-esque video wall that tells the story of the brand, a highly-restrained, singular nod to the surrounding theme park. Fast Company has more pictures, this way.

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