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This Trailer-Based Tiny House Set Its Builders Back $33K

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Andrew and Gabriella Morrison are so proud of the diminutive mobile home they put together that it's taken center stage on Tiny House Build, the blog they keep on the downsizer lifestyle. To help those with similar aspirations at the planning stage, the Morrisons recently revealed the cost of their new abode, which clocked in at $33,089.72 (yes, they kept track down to the penny), about $22.7K of which covered everything but cabinetry and appliances. Mounted on a flat-deck trailer—a popular choice among tiny house builders—currently parked on a plot of land in Ashland, Oregon, the home measures 8.5 feet wide and 28 feet long, has about 221 square feet of interior space, and looks pretty sleek, to boot.

hOMe, as the Morrisons call it, is essentially one long central living space with an enclosed bedroom at one end of the upper level. Below it, the kitchen has twelve feet of counter space, and across from it, at the other end of the home there's a lofted lounge area. The black cabinetry they installed helps break up the place, framing the cushioned nook that serves as their living room couch and a small space for dining.

As Andrew, a contractor who specializes in straw bale construction, was undoubtedly well aware when they embarked on the project, not only does building atop a trailer mean they can take their home anywhere, but that mobility and the small size of the place meant that they could bypass building regulations entirely. Given that smaller trailer-based tiny homes have been seen around these parts asking upwards of $27K, paying a bit more to build your own from scratch sounds like a pretty sweet proposition. For the full tour, check out a 30-minute segment the couple created on their site.

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