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Minimalist Japanese Cabin Glows At Night in the Forest

Only a few minutes away from skiing at Daisen White Resort, this two-story Japanese hideaway from architect Osumi Yuzo is a new take on the "cabin-in-the-woods" motif. The two bedroom retreat is around 1600 square feet, with one bathroom, a small patio and a drastically different aesthetic from our last Ski International post. A retractable timber screen wraps all the way around the minimalist home, allowing for privacy or the option for the ultimate in open-air living. It looks pretty crazy at night too, with bands of light peeking out through the slotted wood and cascading onto the surrounding forest floor. Nature views aren't a problem in this design; when the screen is up the airy building looks a lot like camping, but with much more comfortable digs. There's wood on the inside too, from the tables to the floor. And apparently a crackling fire after skiing is a universal love; no cabin in the woods would be complete without a wood-burning stove.

-All photos by Ryo Hata, courtesy of Osumi Architect Office, via Designboom
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