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Tour Buzzfeed LA and See Where Your Viral Sausage Gets Made

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As inoffensive and inviting as a GIF-filled listicle of the 17 Things That Only Twentysomething BFFs Get About Clueless, Buzzfeed's recently completed Los Angeles office just might be The Most Buzzfeed Thing That You Will See All Day (Plus, Cats!). Converted from an expansive, warehouse-like beauty salon, Buzzfeed LA is where the viral giant creates its new original videos, an open-space production house centered around two large, three-pronged workstations. Around the edges there are two shooting and interview rooms, glass-fronted offices, "breakout spaces," a mezzanine lounge, and a retail space, oddly enough, for intrepid visitors looking to deck themselves out in swag adorned with the name of their favorite content purveyor.

The company's name is also marked in giant letters running across the second floor, and in neon signage on the outside; according to the architects at JIDK, who designed the place, as "a nod to the infamous El Coyote restaurant's signage across the street." JIDK also furnished Buzzfeed's New York office "in a contemporary Danish stye," but for this one, they went with a "California Eames Mid-century style" to "complement the sunny locale," with lounge chairs by LA-based Eames purveyor Modernica.

Like Buzzfeed itself, the place could be described as peppy, broad, and communal, from the "no haters" school of design. Visit Arch Daily for a full set of photographs.

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