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Desolate Flintstones Architecture Recalls the Bedrock of Yore

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Built way out in the desert in Williams, Ariz., this dusty, life-size replica town of Bedrock City offers tourists the opportunity to wander through dilapidated concrete bungalows that resemble the cartoon homes of The Flintstones and their Stone Age neighbors. The quirky (and completely out of the way) tourist attraction was originally built in 1972, and doesn't look like it's had much in the way of upkeep since then, as the bright dwelling exteriors seem faded and chipped, and the interior rooms—which hold remarkably true to the TV show's portrayal—are crumbling away. Unlike so many other long-forgotten leisure spots, though, this place isn't technically abandoned, but rather in a permanent state of disrepair. So instead of hopping a fence, visitors can simply pay to one or two remaining park employees a $5 entrance fee to scope out the slightly eerie scene. Take a look around, right this way. >>

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