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Here's Your Inevitable Oscar Niemeyer-Inspired Dollhouse

Photos via Design Milk

So it seems where there is a home trend, there's a dollhouse epitomizing it. To add to the list, which now includes aggressively minimalist, Bauhaus-inspired, adaptively reused, Ikea-furnished, and, yes, Zaha Hadid-designed miniature homes, this tiny dwelling is both midcentury modern and sustainable. The creators of The ARC Dollhouse, spotlighted recently over at Design Milk, took inspiration from the work of late Brazilian architect and modernist patriarch Oscar Niemeyer. Made of laser-cut, quarter-inch-thick birch, the house comes flatpacked, ready to be notched and assembled with wood glue. Painting, staining, wallpapering, furnishing, and the procurement of tiny potted trees are up to the decorator. Buy it on Etsy for $65.

Photos via Design Milk

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