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Inside Muriel Brandolini's Print-Happy Hamptons Beach Pad

After nearly a decade of summers spent in a tiny, 1970s beach house in Hampton Bays, N.Y., spirited decorator Muriel Brandolini and her husband decided to tear the place down and build a brand new, adventurously appointed getaway with the help of Italian-born architect Raffaella Bortoluzzi. "We fully trusted Raffaella and felt we could give her carte blanche, knowing that we needed a certain amount of space, an indoor swimming pool, and so on," explains Brandolini in the March issue of Architectural Digest. As it stands today, the property looks almost nothing like its formerly modest self, instead featuring a dramatic, 8,000-square-foot residence broken up into box-like volumes of white, yellow, brown, and gray.

The home is just as multi-colored inside—not exactly surprising given Brandolini's taste for daring decor—with walls painted shades of blue and green, and funky, patterned upholstery in nearly every room. The living room, for example, features a curving vintage sofa and clashing, patchwork chairs, while the dining area serves up primary colored decor and a Thomas Trosch painting. Only the colored wood veneered kitchen offers a calm bit of respite, though even there lies a few canary yellow accent pieces. Architectural Digest has the full gallery, right this way.

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