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Calling All Lords and Ladies to the, Ahem, Illinois Suburbs

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Apart from its location in suburban Illinois, this listing ticks all the castle boxes: a three-story great room, a spiral staircase to a private turret, a pond, a 10,000-square-foot heated barn with eight horse stalls, a moat pool, and, of course, the actual castle itself. "It Is Said That Your Home Is Your Castle," the listing begins, in grand fashion. And In This Case It Is The Truth. Even if the 1990 construction date and not-so-princely $1,099,000 asking price (cut from the June 2011 ask of $1.8M) would prompt sniffs of disdain from the European castle-owning contingent. This listing comes with 10 acres and the option to purchase a total of 39—plenty of room for serfs or your very own three-field system.
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