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Eight Decades of French Living, Done Up in Insane Miniatures

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Sometimes it takes a bohemian French artist to recreate the living space of a Bohemian French artist. Check out the work of painter/photographer/miniaturist Ronan-Jim Sevellec, a man who, at 80 years old, recently exhibited his miniature rooms, mind-blowingly detailed recreations of artist's workshops and antiquated nooks. Each space comes complete with innumerable furnishings and bits of clutter: Persian-style rugs, bookshelves full of tossed and overturned books, and dozens of overgrown plants and unused canvas. The abandoned public bath is coated in cracked tile, while haunches of meat hang from the beams of a butcher's shop. The detail comes from memory; Sevellec spent his childhood in the ateliers of his artist father and has lived in Paris since the '60s, when he started as a set decorator. He writes—and Messy Nessy Chic, who recently spotlighted Sevellec's work, translates—"[I] look to relive certain parts from my life, or rather crumbs, through the memory of observing others—and always with the same astonishment, the strange similarities between our memories of different pasts."

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