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And Now, a Building Inspired by 'Insect Exoskeleton Carapaces'

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Though the archi-babble for Phoenix Valley whispers of "fields of light," "insect exoskeleton carapaces and projections," and "an internal wilderness that is occupied and claimed by inhabitants, whose functions are reconsidered from the geological innards of the buildings' mountain-like forms," really the massive arts complex in Wujin, China, looks as if Mondrian, Escher, and an ocean liner met up and mated. The brainchild of Australian firm Studio505, Phoenix Valley consists of galleries, movie theaters, a 1,000-person concert hall, retail, playgrounds, and an education center, all topped with a green roof and photovoltaic solar panels and filled with—well, some fairly outrageous interior architecture. Let's face it, Wujin is fast becoming a hotbed of experimental buildings—no modest feat given China's propensity for architectural insanity.

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