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Cute, Updated Home by the 'Eichler of Austin' Wants $749K

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Architect and builder Arthur Dallas (A.D.) Stenger built some 100 peaked homes in Austin during the 1960s, a feat that has earned him complimentary comparisons to the far more prolific (and now highly sought-after) midcentury California developer Joseph Eichler. For those lucky enough to own an original Stenger—"a person who was basically responsible for mid-century modern in Austin," according to one architecture expert—updating the place seems only natural: what better way to keep those walls of windows unfettered than by kitting out the interiors with sleek, streamlined kitchen cabinetry and low-slung furnishings, and painting the entire place white? One such renovation—historically sensitive yet bold, subtle yet ultimately rather spectacular—was featured in the February issue of Dwell, thrusting Stenger's work even moreso into the national spotlight. Perhaps the current owners of this other Stenger home in Austin, on the market for $749K, are hoping to ride the fame train with their own updated 1960 design. While the brokerbabble is short on specifics, the photos are enough to reveal a beautifully renovated slate-blue kitchen; a lovely open-plan living area; sleek, spacious, newly appointed baths; and—bonus for interior design geeks!—a wall plastered with Schumacher's Imperial Trellis print in one of the three bedrooms. Below, a tour.

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