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Illegal Gondola BASE Jumps: A New 2014 Trend?

Apparently illegal BASE Jumps off of moving gondolas or trams are an early trend of 2014, because Unofficial Networks got their hands on a video taped February 13 that shows a tandem jump in Austria. An illegal BASE jump off of Whistler's Peak 2 Peak Gondola on February 6 caused at least $10,000 of damage, but this Austrian stunt looks a little cleaner.

Description from "On Thursday February 13, two men conducted a tandem illegal BASE jump off a moving Gondola at Bergbahnen, Rosshütte, near the Austrian city of Innsbruck. With a Gondola packed full of people, the pair exit the cabin through an emergency hatch in the roof, prepare their BASE jumping gear and jump from the moving Gondola. Once they land, they retrieve stashed away ski gear and ride away – all before the local authorities are even made aware of what has happened."

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Innsbruck, Austria