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All-White NYC Loft Must Belong to the World's Neatest Family

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While monochromatic living spaces are a tricky business—get it wrong and the place is pretty much guaranteed to look austere, creepy, or worse—this all-white NYC apartment manages to look both supremely stylish and homey enough to house a family with two (very tidy) young children. Designed in 2009 by NYC-based firm Resolution: 4 Architecture, the 3,000-square-foot, cloud-like Wadia Residence combines bleached-wood flooring refinished from the existing residence, white walls, and low-slung pale furniture with unexpectedly quirky framed prints and just a few brightly colored accents.
The upper level of the home houses the living room, dining area and semi-industrial kitchen in one massive, unobstructed expanse—with a rows of bay windows running along each of the three exterior walls, and a dramatic spiral staircase right in the center. Downstairs is the master bedroom, and two rooms for the children, accented in primary red and blue. Over all, there's a generally suspicious lack of clutter, which may have to do with rather genius ankle-height cabinets that run the entire length of the place—no doubt stuffed with many colorful, unsightly belongings.

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