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Fully Restored Charleston Single-Style Home Asks $4.35M

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Location: Charleston, S.C.
Price: $4,350,000
The Skinny: The past is a strange place, one where wooden barrels were high technology, and the men who made them became so wealthy that they could build houses that would stand for more than 220 years, like this Charleston single style home that has presided over Meeting Street since at least 1798. It's certainly hard to imagine the modern equivalent of this home lasting well into the 24th century, where it could be fussed over by preservationists eager to maintain whatever design characteristics wind up being deemed representative of our era. (Mother-in-law suites? Distended garages? Recessed lighting?) But probably cooper James Mitchell wasn't considering the Long Now when he began construction on his home way back when. Like many Charlestonians building on narrow lots, he went with the functional single style, which was popular at the time. Named for the one-room width of the house as seen from the street, the style had superficial variations but the core elements, such as floorplans that were replicated on each story and piazzas that ran along the front door elevation, remained constant. This particular home has recently undergone an extensive renovation that restored its piazzas and added a modern wing designed by W.G. Clark. It's asking $4.35M for five bedrooms and four bathrooms across 5,900 square feet.

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