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Sneak a Peek at Sarah Jessica Parker's Très Chic Townhome

Though the house-hunting adventures of Sarah Jessica Parker and husband Matthew Broderick are hawkishly watched and endlessly whispered about, few have gotten a firsthand look at the Sex and the City star's decorative capabilities. Whereas previously we only had listing photos to go on, Vogue has ventured into SJP's inner sanctum and returned with a video diary. The interview itself has Parker answering 73 questions in rapid succession—we now know that she prefers milk chocolate over dark, and that her favorite band is Parliament—but it's her colorful, quirky home that really steals the show here. Domaine has a guide on how to achieve the look, which includes a custom Chippendale sofa and a $600 Crate & Barrel bar cart, but first, check out the video below:

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