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This Portable Beach Hut on Sleds Houses a Family of Five

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Perched on a sandy bluff in Whangapoua, New Zealand, this boxy, timber-clad vacation home manages to comfortably house a family of five, thanks to clever design details that effectively turn the mobile, 430-square-foot space into the house equivalent of a transformer. Designed by New Zealand-based firm Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects, the so-called Hut on Sleds sits on two wooden beams—or sleds—that allow for the whole house to be dragged around easily. On either side of the structure, two-story high steel-framed glass doors swing open to provide epic, beachy views and porch space. Inside, the bottom floor is reserved for open living areas, walls of fold-out storage, and a bathroom with a rainwater-collecting roof that, admittedly, looks slightly more utilitarian than the fancier microhomes out there. On the top floor, there are cozy tucked-away spaces for cubby-style beds. Take a look inside, below.

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