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Trendy Restaurant Invites Diners to Eat in a Life-Size Beehive

Because trendy, high-design fast food spots are now an established "thing," Hong Kong-based firm AS Design Service Limited went all out designing the new Rice Home locale in Guangzhou City, China. The casual dining destination—which, as the name might suggest, is all about that rice—manages to pull off what can only be described as a hip, inviting beehive facade set against some very clubby mirrored and glossy black walls. In an effort to attract a "young and trendy" clientele, an eye-popping 3D lattice of bright yellow and black hexagon outfits the entire space—also adding some extra dimension. Besides the honeycomb motif, there are also bubble-shaped sculptures seemingly growing out of the walls, curiously meant to "create a visual sense of food aroma to arouse the appetite," according to Chief Designers on the project Four Lau and Sam Sum. Go ahead and take a peek, below:

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