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Nestlike Structures in Vail Are Half Art, Half Playground

A recently commissioned kids playground in the Lionshead Village of Vail, Colorado is a blend of high art, play structures, and otherworldly nests. Tres Birds Workshop built the structures with the goal of "connecting architecture to place as well as nurturing the connection between humans and the natural environment." Design jibberish aside, the end result consists of three large nests made of wood, a stainless steel mesh fabric, and other non-toxic materials. The nests are interconnected with standard playground features, including a climbing wall, slide, and bridges. It's all fun and games in the snow during the day, but at night the nests transform into art installations, with LED light beams shining from each center steel post. Officially called "Sun Bird," (although we think "Snow Bird" would be more accurate) this playground design is worlds apart from the tacky plastic structures of the 1990s. Well played, Vail.

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