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Modern Hawaiian Paradise Home Sits on a Cooled Lava Base

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Built by California-based practice Belzberg Architects, this modern, 7,800-square-foot residence sprawls across an unlikely base of cooled lava on the volcanic island Kona, Hawaii. Overlooking both the ocean and the dormant mountains from its precarious parcel of land, the home design itself is just as peculiar as its placement—with a dramatic entry way designed to resemble traditional Hawaiian basket weaving, and long, timber-clad wings shooting off from one central axis. One of the wing houses the bedrooms, kitchen and main living space, while another makes room for guests. In an effort to be (mostly) self sufficient, there are large solar panels lining the roof, multiple rain water collection systems, and—in a very cool, unexpected perk—lava rocks with thermal properties to heat both the house and surrounding pool. Have a look, below.