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Buy Bing Crosby's Lesser Northern California Estate for $7.9M

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It may not be the Crosby Estate—that monicker belongs to a supremely opulent 40-room French chateau in the San Francisco suburbs, in which Bing Crosby's widow, Kathryn, still resides—but this English country house, sited in the same part of Northern California, also boasts a connection to the White Christmas crooner. According to the brokerbabble, Crosby once lived in this "grand English manor," making this 10,000-square-foot listing in Hillsborough, Calif., a "rare opportunity to own a true piece of history." A little bit of name-dropping is always nice, but considering the 1930 Tudor comes with formal grounds, ballrooms, a chauffeur's apartment, and 10 bedroom suites, the place has all manner of Jane Austin-y fabulousness in its own right. The ask? $7.9M.

· 101 ROBIN RD, Hillsborough, Calif. [Estately]