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Seek True Zen in This Middle-of-Nowhere Japanese Cottage

Further proving that most peaceful residences are sometimes also the hardest to trek to, this simple, all-white abode sits way out in the countryside of Asahikawa, Japan, with nary a neighbor in sight. Designed in 2012 by Japanese firm Jun Igarashi Architects, the private residence measures in at 3,003-square-feet, with an all-white exterior of locally sourced pine that's reminiscent of a choice few other monochromatic structures from around the world—if a bit more pill-shaped. Apparently, the area in question is known for its wildly varying climate, so precautions were built into the design to keep the space extremely insulated, with very few windows.

From the inside, though, the space feels bright and airy—with filtered light streaming in through a skylight, and plenty of half-walls and cut-outs replicating spaces where windows might be. The very core of the space is reserved for the the living room, kitchen and master bedroom, while various lofted spaces—connected via spiral staircase—offer extra sitting rooms and sparsely decorated guest quarters. Take a calming look, below.

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