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La Jolla's Bright and Baffling 'House of Jewels' Wants $2.5M

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If the listing is to be believed—and honestly, when are they not?—at $2,495,000, this five-bedroom villa in La Jolla, Calif. is "poised to be treasured by a new connoisseur of unique art and architecture." Architect Herbert Palmer, who designed the 1928 home, seemed to have his sights set on philosophy as well. Inscribed in wood and stucco throughout this strange mashup of Spanish Colonial and Mughal styles are a bunch of Palmer's musings, aphorisms like "the eye that sees delightful imagery illumes the mind to deeper mystery." Presumably, the "delightful imagery" being referred to includes the beach pebble mosaic flooring, "impossibly intricate hand-carved doors," and the bright orange-and-blue color scheme. As if worried he might be misquoted, Palmer also left his name in a plaque on the front gate, above a sign that reads "Casa de Las Joyas," which translates to "House of Jewels." Last sold in 1999 for $1,235,000, and before that in 1990 for $1,300,000, this 3,857-square-foot home probably doesn't have the appeal of, say, a cubic zirconia, but surely it must be someone's diamond in the rough.
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