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Count the Hello Kitty Dolls and Fur Rugs in This LA Penthouse

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Depending on just how much quirky, rainbow-hued weirdness one can stomach, this decidedly anti-minimalist penthouse in Los Angeles, Calif. is either a candy-colored dream, or a nightmarish trip to over-the-top land. Created by the high-spirited Belgian interior designer Maxime Jacquet— who currently lives and works in West Hollywood—the high-rise home is meant to feel like stepping into an "exclusive club" where the young and old coincide. Collections of toys, stuffed animals, and what looks like a life-size marble horse, for example, share the space with impressive antique pieces—including sturdy armoires and an ornate gilded bed. A heaping dose of bear and zebra skin rugs add texture, while neutral, charcoal walls keep the place from careening completely off the rails. Thanks to the entire home's "luxury, casual comfort, vibrant energy, fashion, and humor," explains Jacquet, "all the senses are nourished." Peek at the photos below, and nourish away.

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