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All-White Beach Pad is the Weirdest House on the Block

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Constrained by a relatively small plot of beachfront land, LA-based architect Johnston Marklee designed this peculiar Vault House in an effort to "challenge the typology commonly found on narrow oceanfront lots." And by that, it seems, he basically meant building a tunnel-shaped, rectangular home as opposed to, say, a more traditional beach bungalow. While this means just one room in the entire home is privy to completely unobstructed ocean visibility, a stacked interior arrangement with glass windows in the place of walls provides every area in the 3,600-square-foot house with at least a sliver of views. There's also an interior courtyard in the middle of the house, and a number of scattered, swiss cheese-like windows to provide other sources of light.

Inside, the home is almost completely stark white—a design trend so popular it just might put Pantone out of business. In keeping with this colorless motif, the floors are a pale limestone, while the interior and exterior walls are made from a white concrete coating. Take a look, below:

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