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Famed 'LifeEdited' Apartment 'of the Future' Lists for $995K

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It's been four years since Graham Hill, founder of the eco-friendly design/architecture site TreeHugger (and bona fide expert on living in impossibly small spaces) called on architects to transform one of his Manhattan studios into a space that would be, as the Times once described, "the apartment of the future," and now the sci-fi-esque micro-apartment, a 420-square-foot dwelling boasting "seven rooms," is officially up for the taking—provided, of course, you have the cool $995K required. The winning design, a $365K renovation plan by Romanian architecture student Catalin Sandu, incorporates the entire toolbox of at-home space preservers: Murphy beds, expandable furniture, and moving walls included. In all it's notably uncluttered, and probably because, at the time these listing photos were taken, nobody actually lived in it. Ah, but soon enough, microdwellers and modernists, soon enough.

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