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There are Waffles on the Ceiling at Google's Amsterdam HQ

Google—a.k.a the champions of weirdo offices who think cubicles are "humiliating, disenfranchising and isolating"—just opened up a new HQ in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, that absolutely does not disappoint on the wackiness front. Designed by dutch firm D/DOCK, the office was inspired by the "the garage where founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin started Google." While this sounds like a patently bad place to glean inspiration (garage themed? Come on) the cardboard box lights and exposed ceilings, and parked 1960s caravan actually look pretty inviting. The Amsterdam lifestyle also served as design point throughout the space—with such super-Dutch touches as a bicycle-themed reception desk, "stroopwafel ceiling panels," and even a wall of gingerbread in the cafeteria. The Real World-esque faux brick walls might be the office's one eye-sore, but on-site meditation rooms, game centers, and personal bikes more than make up for it.

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