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Is Vail About To Take Over Park City Mountain Resort?

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Things are heating up in the lawsuit between Talisker Land Holdings and Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR), as the Toronto-based Talisker anticipates acting upon an eviction notice they served on PCMR last summer. The two are duking it out over PCMR's lease renewal, which PCMR allegedly failed to renew on time. Vail Resorts (and their money bags of over $5 million) is overseeing the Talisker side of the case as part of their long-term deal to operate the Canyons. And with upcoming court dates on April 3 and April 8, shit's about to get real.

If the judge sides with Talisker in the upcoming rulings, the PCMR side would be found to be illegally occupying the terrain that makes up much of the ski resort. The status quo of PCMR seems unlikely in such a scenario.

PCMR, on the other hand, allegedly remains confident. But let's face it, at this point they are only holding out hope for a negotiated settlement. John Cumming, the CEO of PCMR parent Powdr Corp., argues that an eviction of PCMR from the property will leave Vail with ski acreage but no base and parking facilities. True, it sounds like Powdr Corp. is just trying to bring Vail to the negotiating table so that they can get some money and run.

Notice that PCMR isn't arguing against the failed lease renewal in the press any longer. Instead, they contend that Talisker's deal with Vail Resorts violated a right-of-first refusal clause in the resort's leases.

All of this comes down to one big question: Will Park City Mountain Resort soon become another gem in Vail's huge portfolio of ski resorts? Let's just say that in this David vs Goliath drama, things don't look good for the little guy. Park City locals might want to buy that Epic Pass now.

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