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Stroll Through One Artist's Lovely, Flower-Filled Cottage

Nestled into the Edinburgh coastline in Scotland, this ridiculously sweet little house took ceramicist Lucy Dunce approximately ten years to transform into the property it is today. Originally part of a block of tiny farm cottages, the stone structure was in a terrible state of disrepair—there wasn't even a staircase connecting the top and bottom floor—when Dunce and her carpenter husband first bought it. Now, not only is the house completely renovated, but there's also a work studio just steps away—something the artist has always wanted.

Most of the walls are painted either in white or pastel tones, and outfitted with Japanese-inspired cabinetry made to custom-fit the home. As a nod to its former barnyard life, a farm table serves as the center point of the kitchen, while driftwood art calls to mind the close-by beachfront. Not far off, Dunce's rustic studio looks out over the sea and gardens. Take a good look, below:

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