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This Wacky, Disk-Shaped Thing Could Soon be a House

Japanese architect Junya Ishigami—apparently known as "a brash upstart with a flair for the controversial"—has just released plans for a private residence commissioned by an art collector, to be sited on a secret location in Chile. Clearly ready to on one-up the other precarious, teetering structures of the world, the one-story, disk-like dwelling will be positioned to face the South Pacific from a point between two rock formations, hovering above the ground. From the inside, the home resembles a shallow bowl with curving, windowless walls and (probably glass-covered?) circular cut-outs in the floor to provide both a source of light, and that impending fear of falling through the floor that homeowners love so much. Above, a totally flat roof "devoid of any boundaries or walls" offers unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape.
So how does one get to this odd and slightly dangerous locale? Simply traverse across a rope bridge that winds across the mountainous terrain and, eventually, climb up through one of those floor holes. Cool? Yes. Treacherous? Absolutely. Take a closer look at Design Boom's gallery, this way.

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