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That'll Be $515K For This Buckminster Fuller Dome Home

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Last time a geodesic dome designed by American architect, engineer, inventor, and all-around brainiac Buckminster Fuller found its way onto the Curbed radar, it practically reeked of a teardown, and the same can probably be said for other recent dome homes that take after his. Is a Buckster-designed dome that looks nice on the inside too much to ask, especially now that his first has been turned into a museum? With brown shag carpeting and other '70s-era fixtures in dire need of an update, this recent offering in Schwenksville, Pa. might be more of the same.

"We loved the design," one of the current owners told "Bucky Fuller was so avant-garde; his whole goal in life was to solve future problems." If only the Buckster, in all his wisdom, had found a failsafe for homeowners looking to unload. Per the listing, this "MOTIVATED SELLER!" listed theirs for $669,900 in 2007, and again last year for $525K, after which a pricechop took it down to its current ask of $515K. Here's to hoping the next owners fight the urge to demolish the place and subdivide the six-or-so acres this 5,600-square-foot four-bedroom sits on. It'd be nice to see a Bucky Fuller with an interior commensurate with that arresting shape.

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