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Nab a Desert-Inspired Freestanding Home Office for $30K

Honestly, the Cinderbox could be used for just about anything. As a 200-square-foot prefabricated structure designed to be easily transported, with generous porch and a high sleeping loft reachable by a bookcase that doubles as a ladder, it would make for a fine rural cabin. But something about it says "backyard workspace in a Southwestern city", maybe the hardworking shou-sugi-ban-style burnt wood siding, or, as the project description puts it, the "raw aesthetic" that "perfectly transposes to the Sonoran Desert's inherent character." Built by designers Hunter Floyd and Damon Wake for an exhibtion called MicroDwell 2014, the Cinderbox will be open for tours at the Shemer Art Center in Phoenix until March 23, and according to the official site, you can take it home right after if you're willing to part with $30K.

Or hey, if working from a custom-built cabin isn't an option, the Cinderbox can surely function as in many capacities as "a secondary structure on urban and suburban properties." As visualized in a rendering on the site, they also look fine in pairs, connected by a slatted wood canopy. Floyd and Wake are taking custom orders for this kind of setup, for which "prices vary."

a9a94d_12ab5e28450846f1ba942907338547c0.jpg_srz_p_938_751_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzPhoto via Tiny House Swoon

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