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The Best Waterproof Boot For Your Spring Break Ski Trip

Like our sister sites over at Racked, Curbed Ski has entered the gear review game. Each week we'll be bringing you an "Editor's Pick," a go-to ski item that we just can't live without. Have an item you want us to check out? Drop us a line, here.

Spring Break is in full swing and Curbed Ski wants to make sure you look styley while you hit those après margaritas and ski town bars. So whether you're headed to Stowe, Mammoth, or Park City, make sure to pack the Ariat Roseland H2O boot. Although better known for their equestrian footwear, Ariat combines comfort and practicability with a relaxed, slouch-style that embodies the whole "trying-without-looking-like-you're-trying" après-ski fashion. Curbed Ski has been traipsing around ski towns in these bad boys for a while now, and we can vouch both for their walkability (crucial for bar-hopping) and their waterproof-ness (necessary for all those melting snow drifts). Grab a pair in black, pecan, or dark brown and you'll be set for all of next year's wintry weather, too.
· Roseland H2O [Ariat]