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In the '70s, Even English Townhouses Were Pattern-Crazy

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You know the 1970s were an insane era for decor when even the staid English townhouses look like, well, the only major design decision was which pattern from the Sanderson fabrics fire sale would dominate each room. The decade was one of free love, social progressivism, economic upheaval, and, of course, the unwavering persistence of intense wall treatments and fruit punch color schemes, so it's not entirely surprising that this London townhouse, originally published in a 1978 issue of Architectural Digest, is similarly outlandish, even if designer Tom Parr described it as "totally relaxed, cottony and simple."

Interiors blog Dering Hall, from whence these shots were snagged, writes that the interiors "don't look the least bit dated" and applaud Parr's stance that "decorating must not be ephemeral ... there should be a timelessness about every room," which is only funny because these interiors, as fantastic as they are, are so 1978 one can almost taste the Jiffy Pop.

More photos, over at Dering Hall.

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