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Baroque Desert Mega-Manse Asks An Eye-Popping $39.5M

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Location: La Quinta, Calif.
Price: $39,500,000
The Skinny: The latest blockbuster to come lumbering onto the increasingly baroque La Quinta ultra-luxury market is this 16,000-square-foot mega-manse, whose exterior design looks like nothing so much as the product of a mezcal-fueled weekend spent locked in a trailer somewhere on the desolate shores of the Salton Sea, with nothing to read but coffee table books left open to photos of John Lautner's Bob Hope Residence and Bruce Goff's Pavilion for Japanese Art at LACMA. It's "truly one of a kind in the world", says the brokerbabble, which is absolutely true in the sense that much like unhappy families, every bonkers design is bonkers in its own way. Granted, the place does bring the luxury: there's a stream, a waterfall, a driving range, a screening room, and a built-in aquarium. Still, given the $39.5M price tag that's been hung on this custom home—which is on the grounds of the uber high-end Madison Club—putting a giant fish tank in the walls is the absolute least the builders could do.

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