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17th-Century Swedish Castle is History and Magic Melded

When the Royal Palace in Stockholm approached Australian photographer and creator of high-octane fantasias Alexia Sinclair about using her woodsy photograph of Sweden's Queen Christina for an exhibition, Sinclair agreed—but wouldn't it sweeten the whole deal a bit if they granted her access to a 17th-century castle? Why yes, yes it would. And so began the Skokloster Castle series, called A Frozen Tale, wherein Sinclair crafts highly stylized scenes starring period interiors and characters, using Photoshop to numb the boundary between history and fantasy, letting the castle's huge doors, portraits, and frescoes pop as if from a fairy tale.

"The things I add [in post-production] are the things I believe I can't capture in real life," she tells My Modern Met. "It might be something that only exists in my imagination, or it might simply be a goose I'm not allowed to bring indoors."

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