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Google Tops Itself With Swings and Ball Pit at the Mexico HQ

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Another day, another completely bonkers office space courtesy of Google. As is the tech giant's way, this latest HQ in Mexico City offers a veritable playground of oddball features one wouldn't normally find in an office building—or even indoors—like a a refurbished telephone booth taxi, a faux subway car meeting room, and even cluster of rope swings centered around a fake pond that's actually (yep) a ball pit. Designed by the Mexican studio Space, the overall feel is meant to call to mind Mexico City itself, with the help of a Google map of the metropolis on the carpet and a traditional "trajinera" boat serving as inspiration for the office's lounge. Still, whether it be the aggressive, primary colored walls, cheery carpeting, or the fact that there is literally a ball pit adjacent to the conference rooms, the space feels much more like a crazed nursery school than anything else. Do take a look, below:

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