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How Artek and Flos Merged Into One Radiant NYC Apartment

This week's issue of New York takes a look inside the Brooklyn duplex shared by one of home furnishing's power couples, where Simone Vingerhoets-Ziesmann, the executive vice president of the furniture heavyweight Artek USA, and Jan Vingerhoets, the CEO of lighting company Flos USA, mingle brands to come up with some truly illuminating installations. The Wall Rupture, created by Thierry Dreyfus for Flos, threads the entrance hall (above, on the left) with a dazzling gold stripe, while the living room (above, on the right) sports a piece of a wooden wall sculpture by Fernando and Humberto Campana, from a larger piece they installed at Soho's Moss gallery that the couple reappropriated when Flos took over the space. More than conversation pieces, fixtures like these might be one of the best possible versions of bringing work home.

↑ On the left, original factory beams in the combined kitchen and living room—given a nice glow by the recessed mounted lights Jan installed in the ceiling—harken back to the building's fanciful former life as a candy factory. To the right, a painting by Ron Gilad hangs in the living room above a Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia couch with H55 pillows by Artek.

↑ In their daughter's bedroom, an LED ceiling fixture by Ron Gilad for Flos cycles through many different colors.

↑ Simone and Jan at their dining table (left), which sits below a Jim Loomis painting and a Cicatrices de Luxe 5 light fixture that Philippe Starck created for Flos. The playroom (right) includes a Murphy bed for guests, an Artek Paimio chair from Alvar Aalto, and Soft Architecture by Flos lighting that changes colors like the bedroom fixture.

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