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New Delhi Bookstore Goes For 'Illuminated Geometric Cavern'

The first interior design project form France's Normal Studio is about as far from the norm as a bookstore can get. Neon word clouds, royal blue archways, and undulating resin-finished shelves all flaunt the fact that Barnes & Noble this is not. New Delhi's Oxford Bookstore looks just like your neighborhood bookstore might, if you lived in utopian future run by design-savvy bookworms.

↑ The transitional spaces are delineated by arches kept from the structure's original form, but painted blue, which UR Design notes is "the colour of Vishnu."

↑ Cuboidal displays in the second half of the flowing main space keep with the "books as art" display aesthetic.

↑ One of the branching installations has a table for perusing books, and past it, a neon display of phrases picked out of classical Indian literature.

↑ Five blue archways lead into the cafe area, which is stocked with marble-topped, metal-based tables, with lighting provided by magnetic reflector ceiling units.

↑ A view from the front, which sports a more traditional facade.

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