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In the Future, All Families Will Live in These Terrifying Homes

Designed with the fields of microcellular systems and biogenetics in mind, this dubious home, proposed by postgraduate architecture student Gonzalo Vaíllo Martínez, makes for one seriously unwelcoming (and dragon-like!) family residence. Though the slithery, undulating structure can be adapted to any size or type of terrain, it was built with a Los Angeles, Calif. plot of land between between two Richard Neutra homes in mind. Turns out, the cheeky juxtaposition between the midcentury starchitect's modernist homes and Martínez's own, uh, creation, is very much a deliberate criticism on so-called "outmoded typologies" of 20th century architecture.

Far from standard or normal, the structure consists of a a fluid, metallic frame rigged with a series of blinds that "open and close like gills." On the inside, a lurid pink staircase winds through three interconnected units, sinking above a below ground and making absolutely no room for such passé amenities as, say, a bathrooms or a kitchen. While the renderings looks more like a fire-breathing dragon covered in tangled hair than a reasonable suburban sprawl in which to raise a couple kids, the architect insists the project is utterly feasible. ""We have more than enough technology not only to design projects such as this one, but also to materialize them," claims a passionate Vaíllo Martínez. "This is not science fiction or something possible in the near future, it is possible today if we push the boundaries of the resources we have now." Until then, see more 3D modeled images and a video, this way.

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