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Presenting Curbed's Hotel 18: Where to Stay, City by City

And now, Curbed's Hotel 18, wherein local sites across the Curbed universe have unleashed maps answering the burning question, "Where should I stay in [CITY NAME]?" Our editors have combined reader and expert recommendations to compile definitive lists of each market's most essential hotels, from the new and trendy to the older and more architecturally classic, from the affordable to the affordable if you're famous. Included are only hotels that have been open for more than a year—newer establishments will have a chance to shine later this week.

Hotel 18 maps will be updated several times a year to account for changes in the hotel world. For the mean time, though, here's the lineup, city by city:

Atlanta · Boston · Cape Cod · Chicago · Detroit · Hamptons · Los Angeles · Miami · New Orleans · NYC · Philadelphia ·San Francisco · Seattle · Ski · Toronto · Vancouver · Washington DC