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Waterfront Eastham Contempo Comes With a 'Funky Apartment'

We're kicking off the week with an Outer Cape combo special of Multi-Family Monday and the PriceChopper Hall of Fame.

Built in 1986, this waterfront Eastham contemporary with a "funky apartment" (as in the style, not the odor, we hope) and views of the Atlantic Ocean last changed hands back in January 1998 when it sold for $520,000. Fast forward a decade and the 3,124 square footer on Town Cove was back on the market, this time looking for $1,450,000. We have no idea what might have justified such an asking price - it certainly couldn't have been the crumbling shed by the shore - but, not surprisingly, an interested buyer failed to appear. The listing has since bounced off and on the market, meeting with the pricechopper a total of seven times since 2008. The latest slice took place in September of last year, bringing the ask down to $899,900.
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