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Luxurious, Wonderfully Dated Hotels From TV and Movies

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Much like love triangles, witty one-liners, and highly unrealistic living arrangements, swanky hotel stays are something of a classic sitcom and movie trope at this point. And thanks to this time-honored screen tradition, plenty of hotels from around the globe have served as the lush backdrops for character growth, romances, and a whole host of bad behavior that would absolutely get a guest kicked out in real life (looking at you, Home Alone 2, Pretty Woman, and The Hangover). To see hotels like the Caesars Palace, The Plaza, and Beverly Wilshire get the Hollywood treatment—some looking wonderfully and hilariously dated—scroll through the galleries, below.

Photos via Park Hyatt Tokyo/Filmgrab

Film: Lost in Translation
Hotel: Park Hyatt Tokyo in Shinjuku, Japan

↑ Sofia Coppola's lush, dreamy film frames the Park Hyatt Tokyo as an elegant, if impersonal backdrop. Pivotal scenes take place in Scarlett Johansson's unkempt suite, the swanky New York Bar lounge, and the bamboo-lined lobby.

Photos via Ritz Carlton//Wikimapia

Film: The Parent Trap
Hotel: The Langham Huntington in Pasadena, Calif. (exterior) and the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey, Calif. (interior)

↑ The fictional Stafford Hotel in the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap is actually a mash-up of the pool and interiors from the fancy, slightly 90s-centric Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey, Calif., and the grand exterior from Pasadena, Calif.'s Langham Huntington.

Photos via The Plaza Hotel/ Izismile

Film: Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
Hotel: The Plaza in NYC

↑ Young Macaulay Culkin's romp through the Plaza caused a major stir back in 1992. Suite 411—aka the Kevin Suite—cost $1,100 a night after the movie came out, and came with full sundae service and a personal cheese pizza, just like in the film. Current suite photos, above.

Photos via Family Guy /Arch Daily

Show: Family Guy
Hotel: The Plaza Hotel and the Standard Hotel in NYC

Family Guy also took a trip to the Plaza—albeit a more animated one—in their second season. Shots of the standard also popped up in season nine.

Photos via Beverly Wilshire Hotel/Movie Screencaps

Film: Pretty Woman
Hotel: Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

↑ The Beverly Wilshire Hotel makes an awesomely '80s backdrop—drape-y window treatments, bandy-legged tables, and peach decor—in this (slightly questionable) classic rom-com. Compare the glitzy old decor to the newer shots, above.

Photos via I Dream of Jeannie

Show: I Dream of Jeannie
Hotel: Unnamed

↑ Even more old school are the super-'70s lodgings on I Dream of Jeannie, which feature muted greens and blues, wood paneling, and chartreuse bedding.

Photos via Caesars Palace/ Listal

Film: The Hangover
Hotel: Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nev.

↑ Bachelor party debauchery abounds in a super-luxe (if completely destroyed) suite at Caesars Palace. Unfortunately, party boys, much of the interior shots were simply a stage built for the movie.

Photos via Mandarin Oriental Jnan Rahma /Hampton Roads /Travel Exploration

Film: Sex and the City 2
Hotel: Mandarin Oriental Jnan Rahma in Marrakesh, Morocco

↑ The movie itself garnered nothing but scathing reviews and allegations of blasé cultural appropriation, but the candy-colored hotel interiors were undeniably delicious. That bed! Those ornate walls!

Photos via California Home + Design/Ace Showbiz

Film: Somewhere
Hotel: Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, Calif.

↑ The timeless, cool, and slightly shabby interiors at the Chateau Marmont are just as much a character as Elle Fanning and e-cigarette enthusiast Stephen Dorff. The two spend most of the film either in Dorff's large suite or out on the pool deck.

Photos via Waldorf New York/ World Movies

Film: Maid in Manhattan
Hotel: The Waldorf Astoria (exteriors) and The Roosevelt Hotel (interiors) in NYC

↑ The extremely pretty Waldorf Astoria exteriors and the classically appointed suites at the The Roosevelt Hotel almost outshine J.Lo's performance in this hard-hitting drama about the dangers of identity theft. In the film, the combination of the two locales makes up the posh, fictional Beresford Hotel.

Photo via Classic Movie Stills

Film: Week-End at the Walfdorf
Hotel: The Waldorf Astoria in NYC

↑ This 1945 black-and-white classic provides a vintage peek at the Waldorf.

Photos via WaldenPonders

Show: Saved by the Bell
Hotel: JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort. in Palm Desert, Calif.

↑ The episode where the Bayside Tigers take a trip to the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort offers a great little time-capsule of luxe, late-'80s decor.

Photos via Four Seasons /IMDB

Show: Modern Family
Hotel: Four Seasons Resort in Maui, Hawaii

↑ The entire Modern Family crew frolicked around the modern and fancy (but slightly generic) Four Seasons Resort in a season finale. Unsurprisingly, though, the exterior and surrounding gardens are epic.

Photos via Refinery 29 /The Gramercy Hotel

Show: Girls
Hotel: The Gramercy Hotel in NYC

↑ The hapless Brooklynites on Girls switched boroughs for the night to hang out at an upscale hotel for a bit. The velvet-upholstered, jewel-toned suite made a nice set piece for one character's dramatic return to the wagon, and another's regrettable folk singing.

Photo via Screen Musings

Film: Almost Famous
Hotel: The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, Calif., The King of the Road Motor Lodge in Tempe, Ariz., Hyatt West Hollywood in Los Angeles, Calif.

↑ Seeing as the film tracks a bunch of rockers on tour, the audience is privy not just to the "riot house" Hyatt West Hollywood in Los Angeles, Calif., but also brief glimpses of the (mostly party-ruined) King of the Road Motor Lodge in Tempe, Ariz., and the (camera-loved) Ambassador Hotel.

Photos via Curbed LA

Film: (In order) Crossroads, Apollo 13, Blow, Cone Heads, Catch Me If You Can, Devil in a Blue Dress, Naked Gun, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Foxy Brown, Maxie, Must Love Dogs, Old School, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, Se7en, Sister Act, The Graduate, Beaches, Bobby
Hotel: The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, Calif.

↑ Because no list is complete without at least a passing reference to Britney Spears' finest contribution to cinema, its important to note that the Ambassador Hotel's iconic interiors also made a cameo in Crossroads—as well as about a billion other films (a sampling of glimpses, above).

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