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Sprawling Doumani-Owned Las Vegas Compound Asks $5.9M

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The Doumani family have long been big players in the real estate world, owning everything from California apartment buildings to oil wells, and at one time, the Tropicana Hotel and Casino. Ronald Doumani, the grandson of Malick Doumani, the man who started it all, just listed a smaller—but still quite formidable—piece of real estate: his seven-bedroom home in the Summerlin community of Las Vegas. At 11,052 square feet, it's got everything the heir to a real estate fortune could need, including a wet bar, an 120-bottle wine room, a waterfall-equipped pool, a 2,600-square-foot detached pool house, 10 garage spaces, and seven spacious bedrooms. (A tipster tells us that there's also been some work done on the home not shown in the photos.) The desert abode is asking $5,899,900, which, for the record, is chump change compared to the $180M the Dumani family got when they sold their five-acre parcel on the Vegas Strip in 2008, where the La Concha and El Morocco motels once sat.

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