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'Island Idyll' Wallpaper Was Born at the Beverly Hills Hotel

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Welcome to Extended Stays, a two-part Hotels Week series highlighting furnishings that have endured beyond their original purpose: for use in a hotel. Coming up on Thursday: Arne Jacobsen's Egg and Swan chairs.

Perhaps no wallpaper on Earth is better recognized than Martinique "A" Wallpaper BH90210, as it's technically catalogued, originally designed in 1942 for the hallways and coffee shop of the Beverly Hills Hotel (↑). With his splashy, large-scale banana leaves in various shades of green, interior designer Don Loper was clearly going for a glamorous, jet-set feel, but what he probably didn't know at the time was that today, more than seven decades later, the pattern would still manage to convey that air, attracting private homeowners, Golden Girls set decorators, and Hilton heiresses alike. "It's Palm Beach meets island idyll style," says decorating expert and Stylebeat founder Marisa Marcantonio, a faculty member at the New York School of Interior Design and formerly an editor at House Beautiful and O at Home. "Wallpaper is hot and has been for some time. Like all trends in design, there is a cyclical nature to them, and busy walls are a thing right now. This spring, it's all about blowy palm fronds on everything. A tropical storm is brewing." Below, a look.

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